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I am Xavier Fayant.

Originally from Normandy, France, I have been living in San Francisco since 1991. I was first introduced to healing and movements through Aikido, a Japanese martial art based on a non-violent philosophy. The journey eventually led me to bodywork and I became a Certified Massage Therapist in 1995. My interest in body language drove me to performing arts and dance (Mime and Jazz dance). I became Zaz. Shortly after, I found Yoga and completed a two-year teacher training program at the San Francisco Iyengar Yoga Institute. Following the principles of Aikido and the philosophy of Yoga, I created Yogakido, a class designed to awaken your natural wisdom through exploration of body movements and breath awareness. Eventually, I started climbing trees and crawling on the ground. Becoming more primal has helped me discover the missing link: activation of an innate process of self-transformation.  

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