Awaken to your true self thru exploration of body movements and breath awareness.

At the core of our system lies the key to freedom. According to the Yoga Sutras, a 2500-year-old text describing the path of Yoga, our suffering comes from a false identification of the Self. In an attempt to distinguish truth from false, right or wrong, the Ego gets entangled and shrinks to a lesser self. Yoga recognizes this duality and proposes to silence the chitchat of the Mind by controlling the breath. On a similar path to freedom, the founder of Aikido states, “body and mind should be bound as one, unified with the activity of the universe”. Also called the Art of peace, Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on a non-violent philosophy that uses exercise and dance like movements to increase body awareness and energy flow. Following the wisdom of these two Arts, I propose you to unleash your natural ability to connect with yourself and the world.





West Hellman Hollow, 880 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94121, across from Marx meadow (if you see a vespa with the number 52 on it, you have arrived). Tuesday thru Friday @10am and Saturdays @930am. Bring a large blanket or Yoga mat and your mask. The class is 75 minutes long. Donations are welcome.


“Ki” exercises are first introduced using the breath. Then, basic Yoga poses are presented to develop strength, flexibility, stability and balance immediately followed by some rolling practice using Aikido exercises and dance like movements. You will learn how to use the ground for support and dance your way thru in a fun way. We will continue to explore a variety of exercises designed to deepen your focus and awareness and develop your coordination. The class will end with more Yoga poses to cool you down and allow your mind to fully integrate. You will leave feeling alive and more present in your body.


Originally from Normandy, France, Xavier Fayant has been living in San Francisco since 1991. Xavier was first introduced to healing and movement thru Aikido, a Japanese martial art based on a non-violent philosophy that uses movement to increase body awareness and energy flow. His journey eventually led him to bodywork and Xavier became a Massage Therapist in 1995. His interest in body language drove him to performing arts and dance (Mime and Jazz dance) giving him an opportunity to explore the body-mind relationship. Then, Xavier found Yoga and completed 500 hours at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco in the advanced studies-teacher training program. Yoga gave him a chance to integrate his knowledge and use the principles as a way of life.


(415) 676-7881


(415) 676-7881

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